P2P Applications for Android

With these P2P apps for Android you'll be able to download to your smartphone or tablet files shared on peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent or similar

uTorrent 3.6.0 47062 English
uTorrent 8.2.6

Android version of the P2P client

BitTorrent 8.2.7 English
BitTorrent 8.2.7

Download torrent files on your Android

WeTorrent 1.0.33 English
WeTorrent 1.0.33

All you need for downloading torrents using a smartphone

tTorrent 1.8.8 English
tTorrent 1.8.8

Download torrents on your Android

Flud English

A torrent downloader for Android

YTS YIFY Browser 4.0 English

Download hundreds of movies in torrent

TorrDroid 1.9.7 English
TorrDroid 1.9.7

Torrent search engine and client for Android

FrostWire 2.7.7 English
FrostWire 2.7.7

Your P2P for Android devices

Torrent Search Tool 3.0.1 English

Torrent search engine for Android

Ares Plus 2.2 English

Version of Ares for Android

nzb360 15.1 English
nzb360 15.1

A powerful NZB manager for your torrent downloads

Shoot English

BitTorrent's app to share privately

Transdroid 2.5.20 English
Transdroid 2.5.20

Manage your torrent downloads from your Android